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Hva er meningen med livet?

Jeg har vært skikkelig tung de siste dagene. Vanskelig å få meg til å gjøre noe som er spesielt produktivt og jeg bare flakker fra sted til sted. Det er kanskje litt mye jobb med meg selv for tiden. Jeg stiller spørsmål til alt, og jeg føler på en måte at jeg nå har en […]

Are you an effective leader?

Effective leaders always begin with clearly defined goals and then prepare plans for achieving them. They have the courage to set a direction and then make changes as new information becomes available. They communicate clearly and to the point, knowing that people perform at their best when they know what is expected. Are you an […]

A summer day in Norway

It is already 14th of August 2018 and I can’t believe just how fast time is passing. We enjoy beautiful and lazy days in the sun together as a family. it’s a real treasure to be in Norway when summer is summer and nature feels like a gentle and caring lover to my cells, screaming […]

Reaching out to Youtuber Miles Beckler

I follow a few different people on YouTube when it comes to Traveling, entrepreneurship, hypnotherapy, getting and staying organised, and other things that I have interests in. Recently, like in the last few months, I have been watching videos on the channel of Miles Beckler. He has a way of putting things in simple terms […]

Hold deg fast!!

Har du sett hester på et jorde noen gang? I så fall har du kanskje merket at det som regel er et gjerde som strekker seg rundt jordet. Ikke alltid, men ofte, har disse gjernene noen få, tynne tråder av metall som løper hele veien rundt, og i disse trådene av metall er det ofte […]

Mama, don’t you cry

The strongest memory that I have of my mother is from when I was about four or five years old. Now, this is two years before she chose to leave us, permanently. She committed suicide when I was six years old and my brother only four. So back to that memory. My brother and I […]

How to Get More Referral Business

Consider this: If you got just one referral from each one of your clients, over the next 60 days you’d double your client base! What would that mean to your potential income and how many more people would you be helping in supportive and uplifting ways? Word of mouth is one of the most effective […]

First week working with a health coach

It has been one week, working with Sara from Sara wellness, who is a wellness and health coach based in the UK. I reached out to her a couple of weeks ago and asked if she would be willing to coach me and also be willing to let me post the videos of our conversation […]