I follow a few different people on YouTube when it comes to Traveling, entrepreneurship, hypnotherapy, getting and staying organised, and other things that I have interests in. Recently, like in the last few months, I have been watching videos on the channel of Miles Beckler. He has a way of putting things in simple terms and motivating me to take action and I really love what he’s putting out there.

This morning I felt the urge to explore if he would be willing to work with me in some arrangement. Since today is the day to take action instead of jotting down another item on my to-do list, I just went ahead and dictated a letter, which I sent immediately when I was done. I will share with you the full content of what I wrote him, but first let’s get an introduction of who he is:

Miles Beckler aka Miles Beckler on youtube!

Miles Beckler is an internet entrepreneur with a passion for sharing the tactics, strategies and tools he has used to make money online.

With the goal of helping you build a successful business online, the videos on this channel will show you exactly what is working now in the world of online business and internet marketing.

With a strong focus and expertise in building marketing funnels that produce leads, customers and profits, Miles is here to help you understand exactly what it takes for you to start making money online fast!

Ready to help you drive organic traffic or paid traffic with Facebook Advertising, these videos reveal everything it takes to build a successful online business.

It is absolutely no doubt in my mind, that getting this man on my team would kickstart my business and help me tremendously on my way to reach my goals, so lets all cross the fingers for a joint venture that will produce outstretched benefits.


Reaching out

As promised;  The words that miles will find in his inbox shortly… or maybe he already did. We will never know.

Hi Miles!

Would you consider coaching and mentoring me, if we get a good connection over Skype?

Let me tell you a little bit about what I want to do.

I am a trained and certified hypnotist and hypnotherapist and I am also a language teacher, an entrepreneur and a digital nomad from time to time. I want to create a program that will help language learners, specifically, learn faster and with ease. I want to create a bundle of hypnotherapy tracks that will deal with typical fears and limiting beliefs language learners face.
I will try to address every single one of them so people can listen to the ones that resonates. Furthermore, I will reach out to language teachers on YouTube, and the internet in general, and inform them about my program and also offer them parts of it completely free to give away to their subscribers in order to sign up for their newsletter or other desired outcome. I will also offer to make a vocabulary meditation based on one of their videos so that their subscribers can rehearse the content by listening to this meditation when they go to sleep.

I believe that this can be very valuable for the teachers and the learners and, for me, I will get valuable exposure through their audiences, which of course you understood.

I also have my own channel with videos and audio files for language learning and, being Norwegian, I have focused on the Norwegian language. Up until now I have about 1000 subscribers which is not much, but pretty good, taking into consideration the minimal effort I have put in.

Why do I share this with you and why do I want to work with you?
First of all, I have seen a few of your videos and it makes sense to me. And maybe more importantly: I like you.

I have been reaching out to coaches and mentors in the last weeks, and I have tried a few, but I’m not sure if any of them are the best options. Especially since I want to make YouTube and a podcast as a home for what I want to achieve, I think it will be better to work with someone who is doing exactly that.

I need somebody to regularly sit down with me and ask me what’s going on and what I’m doing in order to reach my goals. I also need help defining those goals and structuring my thoughts, so that I know which items on my list will be most purposeful to focus on. I also need someone to celebrate my wins and listen to frustrations, from time to time, but that will absolutely not be the focus.

I know that a big part of your businesss starts on YouTube, which is why I will suggest that we have all of our meetings recorded, and you can use these videos to show your teaching in action on your channel.

Before I take this letter any further, I’m just gonna wrap it up and send it to you because it would be great to know if this is, at all, something you could think about and want to do….

Let me know, ok?

Lene Larsen


Now it is your turn!

Who could you be contacting today, and if you got that positive response, what could that do for your life and business?

Yeah sure, you could get a negative response, but negative responses are awesome because it’s proof of taking action, and the more negative responses you get the closer you get to a positive one.

  • You learn a lot
  • You expand your comfort zone
  • You have made first point of contact which could lead to something in the future when they see what awesomeness you have created by then.

Any other benefits you can think of?