So. Going to film school puts me in many situations I have not been before. Like Now. I am writing my very first screenplay and I think a lot about how it would be acting the characters I imagine in my mind and intent to come alive. That does not have much to do with the act under, but I guess I am just really curious about how the different roles in making a movie feels. And what it takes.

Now… I do voice acting, and practicing acting in general will only help my abilities there and as a bonus, maybe I can also relate better to the actors on set when I will be the director! :) I also feel really curious about being an actor and director in the same movie. It is not too common, I know, and I don’t know if I could even fit one of those roles, but just writing it here even stretches my zone of comfort and therefore it would be good, for me personally at least!

I love to go from discomfort to comfort, by just doing stuff that could potentially be fun if I just allow myself to try, to live!! Well… I feel alive now. I am kind of surprised I am not literally shitting myself now as I am about to publish this. Must mean something….

Am I already badass? Did I already level up along the way, while I was doing many things uncomfortable at the start?

Maybe my acting sucks, but that doesn’t matter. Because I don’t.


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