It is already 14th of August 2018 and I can’t believe just how fast time is passing. We enjoy beautiful and lazy days in the sun together as a family. it’s a real treasure to be in Norway when summer is summer and nature feels like a gentle and caring lover to my cells, screaming for some warmth and sunbeams to penetrate its way deep, deep inside…

Grounding with mother earth.

Our little baby is 2 years and 2 months now and she ain’t no baby no mo. She is so funny and smart and compassionate with people and animals. I enjoy getting to know her more and more, everyday as her personality evolves and also her language.

Eir is saying coucou from under a root of a three.

It’s such a cliche, but just when I believe it’s not possible to love anyone or anything more than I love her now, I suddenly realise that my love for her is still growing. I look at her, and for a few seconds she is all that exists. I am so in love. Completely and utterly in love with my little girl.

Running into his arms.

I cannot speak on Jonas behalf, but I believe we can let the picture do the talking…

A beautiful soul and a funny little human.

I will never ever fail to see how beautiful and precious you are, my love, not even in the dark.

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